Symptom Difference between Peptic Ulcer & Abd.Adhesions?

From: Linda Ehler (
Wed Feb 2 11:10:08 2000

Hello everyone, I sure appreciate this incredible website. All of you have helped me so much. I have a very important question that I need help with please. I was denied LTD with UNUM and am appealing with very good cause. Anyway,I did have a bleeding gastric ulcer which was definitely "pre-existing" BUT what they are trying to do is say that the ulcer symptoms and abd.adhesion symptoms are the same. NO WAY. I did not have my surgery until 7 months later and no pain after Ulcer was cured and I went back to work for 4 months pain free. Anyway, they state in the denial letter: Upper left quadrant pain and tenderness, sharp pain, aggravated by motion and positions are the predominant symtpoms of adhesions. I am at a loss of how to precisely define the difference between the bleeding peptic ulcer pain and the adhesions pain. I DID NOT HAVE ADHESION PAIN THEN AT ALL. My pain with the ulcer was very severe. Upper left quadrant pain, sharp, incredible low back pain, nausea, fever, painful to move in any position etc. Can anyone help me define the difference between the two? I appreciate it immensely. Thank you in advance. Linda

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