Here we go again...

From: Lisa (
Thu Feb 3 12:23:10 2000

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE...I hope you are all doing ok this day and have found some relief. I went in last night to the doctor and they want to go back in again. Kinda surprised me since they have said they didn't want to touch me anymore (9surgeries) but, we have to check those bowels... it is my choice, but i am at a standstill...what to do? We all hope the last surgery will do it, maybe this is the one? I am confused on what to my pain worth another cutting? My abdomen looks awful, and i have no tummy muscles. I finally started to get a little bit back into shape,and here we go again. Do any of you have a hard time with your back due to the multiple surgeries? One insurance company won't have anything to do w/me about my back (degenerative disk disease) because of the surgeries on my abdomen. I am also concerned w/the insurance paying for another operation since the last one was a hysterectomy...they probably thought they were done with me! Here is another lame concern...what is my husband going to think? I am sure he is getting tired w/dealing w/a wife who continually goes under the knife. I am depressed, so excuse me for not making sense. This awful diesease does stuff to my moral at times... Take care you wonderful's praying for recovery for all us....Lisa O

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