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From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Fri Feb 4 15:18:50 2000

Toni, Who did you see in Cincinnati? Could you explain what you meant by having HAD 7 laporotomies and 3 laporoscopies in 23 years. All by the same DR.? When was your last one? Were all these surgeries adhesiolysis procedures? What do you mean that NOW they all have to be laoporotomies? Why?

If you don't mind sharing your information on this as something doesn't sound right here....if some of your surgeries were in fact adhesilysis procedures, why were they laporotomies? How did the surgeon explain doing an adhesiolysis through a laporotomy procedure? At that time, were you aware of the consequences with regard to the potential for an increase of adhesions to develope following this type of procedure?

You sound educated enough at this time about that issue, but when was your last adhesiolysis and was it a lappy or lammy? ( as we say in the medical field ) and how informed were you about that issue at your last adhesiolysis procedure? Did you discuss your concerns with your surgeon at all? what was his response if you did do that?

I hear your suferring, Toni, and even though I know that my own medications stopped being effective after a few years time, and as my body became intolerant to their effectiveness and it was either increase the dosages, add more pain medications or go on narcotics ( a next step treatment effort ) and the pain was extremely times one who is suffering such as you are, will have to look at the bottom line of what they are suffering and ask yourself what is the best resolution to this available to me. Not everyone can get out to a " specialist " in the filed of laporoscopic surgery for adhesions, Per say, DR. Reich or the Nezhats ( whom I know very little about at this time ) so you have to look a little closer to home at times.

Do you have a well respected laporoscopic surgeon near your community? One who is new and has an open mind about ARD? Have you sought out this type of help near your home at all? If you can secure a surgeon of this type, and share with him your knowledge about adhesions and adhesiolytsis, and come to feel that he might in fact do a decent job in your case ( even though you are probabaly very involved with adhesions by now and that increase the difficulty of your case!! ) you may jusy be able to have a surgery by him. You would accept the fact that you would probably increase your adhesions with this surgery, and one never knows how long the respite will last following any adhesiolysis, mine included at this time , but it just may buy you time until you could save enough to get to a specialist somewhere...and have you looked into getting to a reputable laporoscopic specialist?

What are your options at this point. Who is handling your pain managment? Sounds to me as though it needs to be a bit more aggressive if your still having that much pain...maybe you need a change in medical care providers and get a fresh view of your case!! Good luck !

In friendship Bev

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From: toni welsh <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Friday, February 04, 2000 7:38 AM Subject: Dr. Semertzidies...richard

> I saw this dr in cincinnati, and talked to the office about 3 months
> ago. Is he doing surgery where you live?
> I was confused. How many surgeries has your wife had? And is he doing
> it through the laparoscope, or lapartomoy?
> I have been tossing surgery around for about 4 months now, and I am
> having trouble deciding what to do. Right now I have had over 23 years,
> 7 laparotomies. and 3 laps, now they all have to be laparotmies, and
> the last recovery time and surgery was so hard, days like the past 4
> make me want to go in tomorrow, but the fear is taking over!
> Let me know !
> Thinking of you both,
> Toni

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