Re: new to forum..

Fri Feb 4 17:03:15 2000

Karla, Stop! You're scaring me. No, I asked the doctor (that if they had to do this resection could they do it through the scope and he said yes. They know the problem area, the stupid adhesions really attack this one spot and because of the videos they can pinpoint it before they even start. They almost did it last time but thought they had it freed up enough that it wouldn't bother me, but no luck. Hopefully, they won't have to do, but I don't know enough about it to know how much this would help so I have to ask more questions before I agree to anything. Bev has taught me ell, I am writing any and every question that I can think of to ask before any surgery takes place. I want to make sure I know what is the worst case scenario and make sure I am ready to deal with it. I read your story and my heart goes out to you, you are one brave woman. Take care, Ginni

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