For the chronic pain person --- For those who live with a chronic pain person --- For caregivers

From: Helen Dynda (
Fri Feb 4 23:07:08 2000

There is no question that every adhesions victim is set-up for stress - and as a result of stress: we feel more pain, our lives become more difficult to live, our families are affected, the list goes on and on. Perhaps you and your loved ones may be helped by some of the information in the articles (below). All of these articles have helpful information. You do not need to have endometriosis in order for you and your family to benefit from the wisdom in each of these articles:

1.) * The Partner's Predicament - or What About the Men?

2.) * MENDO

3.) * 10 Tips for Family Caregivers - scroll down and click: "Caregiving Tips" --- Click: Ten Titles for Family Caregivers --- Click: Principles of Caregiver Empowerment

4.) * Responding to Pain: To Those Who Live with Chronic Pain Patient

5.) * Friends, Family, Caregiver Support

6.) * Caregiver's Corner

7.) * Men Share Their Feelings About Their Wive's Illness

8.) * ...And He Will Give You Rest - Your monthly support newsletter

9.) * When A Friend Has A Chronic Illness: What to say, How to help

10.) * Support for those living with Pain

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