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Sat Feb 5 10:49:53 2000

Hi Helen, and everyone else, I have again not been able to post any messages due to illness. I have been diagnosed with pneumonia, pleurisy, broken ribs, and shingles, all on the left side of my body. I have been in horrible pain. I have also been off work for that time, and you know the trouble I had with my boss the last time I missed so many days, so here we go again. He has been very pleasant and kind to me, but you can tell he is not happy about the time I have missed. Being that I work for the school district, all of these illnesses couldn't have come at a better time. I was diagnosed on Dec. 15, and we got 2 weeks off for Christmas break. I was supposed to be well enough to go back on Jan. 4th, but when I went back the school sent me home due to the shingles. We had 2 people (teachers) out with the chicken pox, which is related to shingles, so he said it would be too dangerous to the high school staff, and students to allow me to stay. I went back on Jan. 10th, and have been out 4 days since then with increasing pain. That's when they diagnosed the pleurisy. I have missed a total of 7 days all since Aug. 99, so I guess that isn't too bad for someone who suffers with pain the way I do. I have heard back from the SSI office, and they informed me that I do have a good case for disability, but don't have enough money into the SS to get a full amount. They stated that I need to work another 5 months, and then I will be eligible for full disability (if the case is approved). I will continue working at the high school, and hopefully will stay healthy until then. I am working with an elderly lady who has been diagnosed with Ahlziemers for a few hours a day now. She is special to me, because I took care of her husband when he was dying from cancer. She just needs someone to check on her, love her, and make sure she eats well. We go out to the mall or to the local deli, and have a great time. She is getting worse with the disease, of course, but she still has a wonderful personality and wit. I think this has helped my pain from the adhesions, because I forget some of the pain I suffer, when I see others who suffer more than I do. Does that make sense to anyone? I am hoping to be up and on my feet 100% before April, as I will be celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary to a wonderful man. I will also be celebrating my 20th reunion for my high school in August of 2000. I have so much to do, I don't want these adhesions to hold me down. God bless all of you, and I will be saying a prayer for you all. Thanks, Kim

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> Hi Helen,
> I have been checking the chat schedule for Dr. Wiseman's chats and have
> not seen it on the schedule.I was wondering if he still does the chat.I
> just looked on February's calender and there is nothing there for the
> adhesion chat.

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