From: Helen Dynda (
Sat Feb 5 14:38:47 2000

Hi Ginni, Yes, it is me. Since you just responded to someone else's message, I decided to answer your question about a website which you had called my attention to. I didn't want to give the website here; because it was your discovery. Perhaps you would like to share that website here. After reading the information at that site and after hearing that the FDA denied Lifecore Biomedical its Premarket Approval in January 2000, anything is possible.

The pharmaceutical company which is able to present an adhesion barrier, which will gain the approval of the FDA, will be on the receiving end of what could be a billion dollar industry.

If you are interested in following the progress of these clinical trials, I have listed the websites for the Press Releases for the various pharmaceutical companies under the topic: ADHESION BARRIERS (currently in clinical trials)- which I posted on February 04, 2000.

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