Re: Massage...has been helpful for her

Sat Feb 5 17:15:04 2000

Hi Tina, Karla B. here. I have had 1 session of visceral manipulation (unfortunately in Mass.) & they were gentle & didn't cause any more pain than usual. You might want to try it, it could help you. I also cannot wear tight clothing or bear to have my middle section touched; & it was alright. But it was also expensive & I have no insurance, so it was "out of pocket". I thought it was worth it 'cuz I'm willing to try almost anything to help the pain. This was after going thru a chronic pain clinic & them telling me they couldn't help me 'cuz my problems are on the inside. I went for it. This was back in '93 so the fee might be higher now. Best of luck & Blessed Be.

In Friendship, Karla B.

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