Check out HealthSCOUT: Watching the Medical World for News About You

Mon Feb 7 09:27:30 2000

Sorry all, thought I was e-mailing Helen directly and it went through to the Forum. I had sent Helen an article that I had found regarding adhesions and treatments being tried. On Healthscout there is an article about an antibody solution that has had good results in the animal study part of it and human studies will be started later this year. I e-mailed the doctor and he told me they are very excited about its prospects. If you would like to check it out here is the link: <A HREF=" 500h9/">Click here: HealthSCOUT: Watching the Medical World for News About You</A> if for some reason you can't get through just go to and type in adhesions in the search area. I didn't know if anyone would be interested because it hasn't even been tried on humans yet, but it may be something to keep our eye on. I am always looking for a ray of hope myself. I am waiting for my insurance papers to get okayed and hope to have my surgery early next week. I am so sick now that I am counting the days. Thanks to everyone who has been so kind and your support means more than I can say. Ginni

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