Life is good after an adhesiolysis....or is it???? --> Imagery.....

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Feb 7 11:50:49 2000

Thanks, Bev, for showing us that there can be humor in life after what you have gone through as a result of adhesions.

To all who read Bev's "Life is good after an adhesiolysis....or is it????" perhaps you can still experience Bev's experience...but in another way.

Have you heard of the technique known as IMAGERY? All you need to do is "close your eyes and imagine" that you are there; or you can imagine anything pleasant that your heart desires. Use all of your senses to make this a pleasant experience for you.

The use of IMAGERY in this way can fill your mind with positive thoughts. In turn these positive thoughts block pain messages from reaching your brain. Your pain will still be there; but when you focus your thoughts elsewhere, your attention will not be on your pain. Does that make sense?

This is a reminder that there really is a *mind-body connection*.


At Sun, 6 Feb 2000, Bernie and Beverly Doucette wrote: >
>Hello fellow IAS members..
>I thought that I would share this story about my first skii trip out since my adhesiolysis surgery!! You can bet that taking a nice long walk feel great when you have not been able to do it for so long, but going skiing again is a whole nother you will see here!!
>Enjoy!! :-)
>In friendship
>Thought I would share a little of what can happen once your feeling better
>and maybe you can learn something from this...just a little humor in my life
>as I respond to a fellow ARD members wish for us to have a nice ski trip
>this morning ( Sunday, Feb. 6th )!!
>Have fun skiing, Bev!
>We are back from! Took two good falls and hit my hip hard!!
>Laughed so darn hard peed my pants! Good thing I grabbed a depends...( old
>habits die hard!! ;-) ) It was great! Not stress incontinence, as I sure
>wasn't stressed, just laughing so hard as I lay there like a beached whale!!
>Man, Anne, the only reason I made myself get up and not be towed out by my
>feet was that I felt if I laid there any longer a group would gather and
>they would sell tickets for people to look at me laying there!!! You know,
>gull dang city does anything for extra revenue these days!!! Took all the
>hills just fine but fell over just standning there on the trail!! ( Bevs
>laughing so hard again she's thinking about grabbing another depends!!! )
>I couldn't bend over to untie my ski boot after I hit my hip, but then I
>realized it wasn't from my hip that I couldn't reach my boot, but realized
>it was really my fat stomach that stopped me from reaching that boot
>tie..oh,well, I just continued to use that hip as an excuse for asking for
>help!!!!!!!! What the heck, why not, huh!!! I feel like I went out there
>and got beat to hell and came home!! Great day though as at the very least I did it.. but, I need to rethink
>what I think is good stuff these days!! Whew!!
>Catch you again...( Bev is still laughing so hard as she hobbles off to the
>couch, she feels like she needs a heating pad, diet coke & rum!! :-) And
>if Bernie so much as smiles at her and winks, she'll cuff him right beside
>the head!!!! Have a great day !! I did!!! ;-) In friendship .......Bev

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