Re: Ginni

Tue Feb 8 11:32:42 2000

Toni: I know how you feel!! I also take senokot, quite regularly. Other than that I take a HEAPING tablespoon of Metamucil 3 times/day. Sometimes it helps, & sometimes I think blasting caps wouldn't do the job. I think the pain after BMs if caused by the adhesions, after all, they're connecting all the organs together, how could it not hurt. I'm in the habit of taking my pain meds a bit before trying to go, if I can judge the time. Sometimes that works, &, you guessed it, sometimes not. It's almost like my life revolves around having a BM. Have you tried Phazyme? The x-tra strenghth works pretty well on gas (which can also cause much pain). I have also experienced the feeling that I've had a BM only to see not much to speak of. If I have a BM I'm happy, there'll days (once more than a week) that I've not been able to go at all. Talking w/you on line has been such a help for me...thank you so much!!!!!!!

Karla B.

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