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From: toni welsh (
Wed Feb 9 08:11:24 2000

At Tue, 8 Feb 2000, wrote: >
>Toni: I know how you feel. I've lost sooo many jobs due to my "visible
>paiin" (stooping, hardly being able to walk, etc.) Disability keeps turning
>me down saying cuz I'm a secretary, it's a "sedentary" job; so I should have
>no problem. Easy for them to say. Thanks for getting back to me.. I thing
>this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, as they say (this forum). I
>also have more pain after a BM, I guess it's from all that moving around &
>straining we have to do.
>Being on line with you and the others is my social life. It also helps w/my
>depression & anxiety. My doc is sending me to a mental health clinic as she
>thuinks it will help me deal w/the pain. I hope so... I don't like people
>to see me when I'm too bad off so I stay in the house. Especially now that
>I'm not able to work. Lost too many jobs

You feel like me, like I just said in my last post here, the days I take senekot, I have EXTREME pain. Last night was so bad I was crying by the time my husband got home. I do my grocery shopping, I try to keep the heavy things that do not have to come in right away til my husband comes home.

This is my social life too. I used to bowl 4 nights a week til I had my surgey in april. I tale that back when my mother died almost four years ago, I quit all the leagues I was on to help with my handicapped sister, my dad is 70, trying to take care of her, now I cannot even help with her amymore. I do try to when I can, but now my sister has stopped, my gyn told me in front of dad, when he saw my retarded sister last month how things like shopping, housework, and bathing Karen is hard for me to do, an he knows I conteplating surgery.

I am so g lad to hear from you. You sound like me.

hopefully things will be better today, I skipped the senekot last night. Time will tell.

Karla, have a good day. I may be back later!

Toni Where are you from? \

>is out the window! But I do have my Mom to help w/the grocery shopping,
>which makes me feel just wonderful (pun), she's 74 (& she has to help me &
>I'm in my mid (almost late thirties). Well, I do have my cats & they're a
>BIG help.
>Keep in touch! Blessed Be, Karla B.

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