Re: Hi again

Wed Feb 9 17:05:54 2000

Tara: I, too, have lostmany jonbs due to my condition adhesion, IBS, depression, being fired. I know how you feel.

I have never heard of the test you mentioned but I have had 2 sigmoidoscopioes & several barium enemas. None to thrilling.

Don't feel bad re venting; even we didn't we would explode! As to your question re BMs and not being asble to go. The longest I went was 8 days . They admitted ne in hte hospital for 2-3 days, made me drink 4 liters og Colytly, they called it then, this was years ago. Now I live on Senokot (natural senna laxative - they alsohave Senokot-S which hsa a stool softener), metamucil 3/day & I still go for days w/out a BM. so you are not alone! If you haven't tried any of these laxastives, you mihht wanna try. I also know how you feel re looking 6 mos pregnant. I've actually had women come up to me in stores & ask "how far along are you?" You can inmagine waht I wanted to say. Keep the Faith & Blessed Be! Karla B.

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