Re: high hopes gone>>> Toni, you have choices!

From: toni welsh (
Wed Feb 9 18:21:36 2000

At Wed, 9 Feb 2000, wrote: >
>Toni: I think Janet & 'Helen have a good point. Maybe waiting for the
>Intergel to be approved will be worth the wait. I also agree w/Janet re Pain
>Clinics. They "teach you to live with your pain" but you also have a support
>group of sorts during the program; oince you're done w/the program, you're
>back on your own again. Then what? Mind-0Body connection is very important
>but it doesn't ciover it all; if your body is rebelling against you (trying
>to kill you slowly) it would take more than the human mind to overcome it.
>At least, that's what I believe afer having been there.
>And, any advice is woirth the thime to reflect. Blessed Be, Karla B.

Hi girls, I just wrote a long post to help get through the days. I guess I just get so confused. I am trying to wait for a new gel barrier to come out, I am even sick of the pain clinic, the meds I take do not help the pain a whole lot. I was told a few months ago, they have me at the point where I am on meds to where they will not make me too tired, they cannot do no more. I will sill see them, but even they said there are so many drs that just now are realizing that adhesions cause pain.

I am even between GI docs, the one I saw for years, is one of those that do not believ the adheions ARE doing something to the bowels. May not be in his eyes, but what am I feeling? He is the one who told me to take milk of magnesia twice a day and prescribed an a arthritis med that they use now to stimulate the bowels,I just don't want no more meds. I feel like senekot is moving them now, although the pain is extremely getting worse after it. Almost make the bowels inside feel sore. Some days I cannot even lean lightly on something.

I know it is mind over matter, but my mind still tells me I am in pain, cannot overcome it. I know deep in my heart I will go through another surgery, but I am so scared right now. As we all know , there are no qurantees!

Take care girls, Love to all Toni

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