Re: high hopes gone>>> Toni, you have choices!

From: toni welsh (
Wed Feb 9 18:46:57 2000

At Wed, 9 Feb 2000, wrote: >
>Hi, again, Toni! I know hiow you feel. Sick of it all!! Drs, pain,
>therapists, etc. I don't remember (much of anything anymore) how your stroy
>started, how many & what knids of surgeries you've a;ready had. It makes
>such a big difference in whether to have more. I know I won't no matter how
>bad the pain gets, unless I'm obstructed again or something similar. It's
>your body & only you will do the best for it. Some of these drs are hacks
>and just want to operate on us cursed women for the experience, I've had 2
>unnecessary surgeries. I just want to warn you to be careful, cautious &
>speak your mind w/these drs., after all, they're just men & women, not gods.
>I'm sorry, I just don't trust drs anynore (I'm on my soap box nnow!)
>With Blessings & Good Tidings, Karla B.

Hi again Karla,

I have had a fair amount of surgeries, but the ones years ago caused infertilty, and 3 misscarriages. When I was 23, a dr ties my tubes too young, did not even question me. I had a c section 2 years before that.

Then I meant my hisband, and I went through 6 hours of surgery to put them bac together. Back the drs never talked about scar tissue.

I was okay after having all tohose misscarriages, we gave up my periods were terrible, I was always in bed two days.

I found a new dr 7 years ago, and he finally did a lap. Then a laparotomy to remove uterus and one ovary. Fibroids and cysts. Was okay for 4 years, when I went back 2 years ago complaining of pain again, he schules lap possible laparotmoy. He was in there 10 minutes and told my husband I had to go in. He removed the last ovary. It got worse so he did a lpa in august and scheduled another laparotomy am\ month later. Only 5 months after the first surgery.

I have had over the years 7 laparotomies and 2 laparoscopy. I think very him. We will do the right thing I hope when the time comes, but he does know a general surgeon that will work with him..He knows I want him involved in the next surgery! Sorry so long, sort of lonely tonight .


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