From: chris smith (
Wed Feb 9 22:26:37 2000

Hi Toni:

I saw your question about whether or not I was still here. I rarely post anymore because adhesions are not causing my pain, even though I have/had (don't know current status) severe adhesions. I don't think anyone wants to hear that when adhesions are present it is possible that something else is causing pain. If I had insisted that my pain was caused by my adhesions, I would still be nowhere. Instead I have been to an orthopedic doctor who has helped a lot and Monday I see a rheumatologist. I'm still in pain, but it has improved, and I have a lot more information about what could be wrong. It is quite possible I have a systemic illness that is causing the abdominal/pelvic/back pain plus a few other things. I do read the posts periodically because I am always looking to hear good news. I did post to you awhile back when you said your gyn found a surgeon willing to work with him to wish you good luck. I guess you didn't see the post.

I told Peggy and now you, I can understand fully why you want to try surgery again. Another way to look at it, you will have more information about your condition and that may help. Best wishes to you.

Chris S.

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