Re: high hopes gone>>> Toni, you have choices!

From: Tara S (
Thu Feb 10 01:26:14 2000

Toni, Your dr sounds familiar. Before I found these dr's I'm trying now, I had gone to several dr's and the emergency room over the past 4 1/2 yrs (since the bloating episodes began, also since my hysterectomy) - and their favorite diagnosis for me was simple constipation (forget the pain I had the rest of the time - concentrate on the biggest symptom and take another wad of money) and the prescription was a whole bottle of citrate of magnesium *shudder*. Horrible stuff - it doesn't help, and isn't it a bad thing to have to take laxatives all the time? I have read that if you end up relying on them, then you eventually get to where you can't have an unaided bowel movement (sounds like all of us now). The only other things I get are anti-spasmodics which make me nauseous and do nothing else. Tara

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Hi girls, I just wrote a long post to help get through the days. I guess I just get so confused. I am trying to wait for a new gel barrier to come out, I am even sick of the pain clinic, the meds I take do not help the pain a whole lot. I was told a few months ago, they have me at the point where I am on meds to where they will not make me too tired, they cannot do no more. I will sill see them, but even they said there are so many drs that just now are realizing that adhesions cause pain.

I am even between GI docs, the one I saw for years, is one of those that do not believ the adheions ARE doing something to the bowels. May not be in his eyes, but what am I feeling? He is the one who told me to take milk of magnesia twice a day and prescribed an a arthritis med that they use now to stimulate the bowels,I just don't want no more meds. I feel like senekot is moving them now, although the pain is extremely getting worse after it. Almost make the bowels inside feel sore. Some days I cannot even lean lightly on something.

I know it is mind over matter, but my mind still tells me I am in pain, cannot overcome it. I know deep in my heart I will go through another surgery, but I am so scared right now. As we all know , there are no qurantees!

Take care girls, Love to all Toni

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