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From: toni welsh (
Fri Feb 11 09:20:22 2000

At Thu, 10 Feb 2000, alanbaleyko wrote: >
>Hi Tara, I'm afraid I was a little depressed, feeling sorry for myself & not
>being able to do things, but also because no one could tell me what is wrong
>with me for sure. I was also very worried because I was getting worse fast!
>But the doctor told me that the antidepressants work on how your brain
>perceives pain. That seems to be working because I feel a little numb all
>over my body. He choose Paxil because I told him I have been trying to loose
>weight for 4 years and couldn't loose anything because the pain was too bad to
>even think about exercising. The Paxil has taken away my appetite and with
>the pain gone I can exercise more consistently. He said if I was too thin he
>could prescribe an antidepressant that would increase my appetite. My entire
>lower abdomen is still sensitive to the touch, and I can't lift anything but I
>am much better.

Hi Tara,

I am glad you are feeling better taking Paxil. I had to try 4 before I could take one. I was on Elavil, and then Pamelor, then Paxil, which wired my out, could not sleep, and it was making the sleep trouble much worse. I am now on Trazadone, and it is great for sleep, as I have now talked to pain clinic yesterday, I told them about all the pain the past week, and I had to take an enema last night. I was i terrible pain, it has helped alot.

The nurse told me it seems I am at a stand still on the pain meds, it has been a year, that I may benefit with surgery, I did tell her I am scared to death. I see gyn on Monday! Take care!

Toni >
>Tara S wrote:
>> I was given Paxil once for depression. I'm afraid it do anything, except
>> dilate my pupils. It didn't even help the depression. It is great that it
>> helps you, though! I wonder how it works.
>> Tara
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>> Hi all! Hope everyone is finding some relief. My gastro/intest dr
>> prescribed paxil for me and I am feeling so much better. The joint and
>> adhesion pain I was feeling is so much better! It's still there but
>> doesn't slow me down as much. I have been exercizing every day and have
>> lost 4 lbs. (25 more to go!) My house doesn't look like a war camp
>> anymore and I can do more than 1 activity a day!! Just thought I would
>> mention this drug as something that has worked for me and maybe it will
>> help someone else. Take care of yourselves! Jessica
>> --
>> Jessica Baleyko

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