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Fri Feb 11 11:01:29 2000

At Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Tina Shelby wrote: >

Hello again,


Im with you on your input of surgery vs no surgery. I wish that I had been told exactly what I was facing. I guess I just didnt realize how revengeful these adhesions are!

I assumed that they would go away & was never told any different until now. I too, almost died (as you can read in this months message board) In retrospect, if I had not ever had surgery, I wouldnt have gone thru this last year of extreme physical and emotional pain. My husband also was an emotional wreck.

For someone who is new to the vicious circle of adhesions,, should be told extensively about the consequences of surgery. And..not only that..but I think they should be given tons of information and maybe have previous patients who have had the same experience give them their input as well. (Giving them this website would be EXTREMELY

Something ironic about this last surgery in which I almost died..the 2 doctors who performed the surgery (who by the way..were intestional and colon specialists that were called in just to do the surgery--not my regular doctor) told me that they had cut out the adhesions and I shouldnt ever have any more problems!!!!!! I had to laugh at both of them. They are both in the dark about adhesions as well.

If you dont not take control of your life..& question continiously what is going on..then you may have some of the problems I had and that alot of you have had. I know now..that surgery isnt the answer unless it is a life or death situation with the blockage.

Sorry this is so long..but..if I can help one person not go thru what I did..then its worth it.

Again..anyone wanting to email me is more that welcome!

:-) keep smiling

>I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth about having surgery or not having
>I have had no less than 12 abdominal surgeries for adhesions. After each
>surgery, I would have pain relief, for a time, then the pain wouold return
>with a vengence. Each time, I sought a surgeon who would go in and "clean
>up" the adhesions and take out whatever the adhesions had caused, such as
>ovarian cysts/tumors. My last surgery all but cost me my life. I had a total
>abd. hyst but also had a nicked bowel. I spent a week in ICU with my family
>not knowing if I was going to live or die. My husband still can not talk
>about the horrible experience without getting emotional. Seprafilm was used,
>but because of the infection, it did not help.
>After about 9 months, the pain was back again. It was at this point, I
>decided not to put my family/myself through another potentially
>life-threatening surgery but sought pain-management. This does not mean I
>have lost hope, on the contrary, I am at peace with my decision. The
>medicines/diet are working to control the episodes of what I describe as
>"sucidial levels" of pain.
>I am in the process of getting disability as I can not work and take these
>medicines. I am looking into starting my own home-based business and I am
>co-authoring a book. Although life is not fair, (not that anyone said that
>it would be) - I am using what I have and am going to live my life to the
>fullest - and not let the pain get the better of me. I could feel sorry for
>myself, but what benifit is that? I don't understand why this has happened
>to me. I could be bitter, just sit down and let life pass me by, but what a
>waste of life that would be.
>So, I just wanted to let you all know, that if the time comes, where surgery
>is no more the option of choice (or the cure), you can live with ahesions
>(with pain management) and have a productive life, even though it may be a
>bit different that what you had envisioned for yourself. So don't be
>discouraged because surgery does not have to be your only option. I will not
>have surgery again, unless I totally obstruct and have not other choice.

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