Helen is Terrific

From: Karen Kaplan (kkaplan@eclipse.net)
Fri Feb 11 17:48:53 2000

Thanks Helen. karen k.

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> I didn't want this information about laxatives, stool softeners, etc. to
> be passed over because the Subject title didn't match the message. It
> would be most helpful to give the Subject a title which would help
> others have some idea as to what the message is about.
> Dare to change the title, if you find that the subject matter doesn't
> fit the title. I did! No offense to Karen K.!! Just a learning
> experience for everyone who reads messages at this Forum.
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> At Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Karen Kaplan wrote:
> >
> >You are right Tara, laxative dependency is a big problem.
> >My PCP says stool softener is ok, and it does seem to help me more than
> >laxatives.
> >Prune juice is also safer than daily, longterm laxatives.
> >Mylicon (infant formula) works very well for the gas.
> >Aloe Vera juice is supposed to be good for bowel function, but the one
time > >i tried it , 6 weeks after hyst,
> >it was weird. It felt like after-shave going through me. most of it
> >"tingled", felt good. But, at the one spot where the pain was worst, it
> >felt like the juice hit a wound - the pain was so bad (and I was taking
> >4000mg of enteric coated aspirin a day at that stage), it put me in bed
for > >a day.
> >And flaxseed oil (health food stores - refrigerator case) is really good
for > >bowel function.
> >
> >Really makes you wonder what they teach in medical school.
> >Best, Karen
> >

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> >Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2000 3:27 AM
> >Subject: Re: high hopes gone>>> Toni, you have choices!
> >
> >> Toni,
> >> Your dr sounds familiar. Before I found these dr's I'm trying now, I
had > >> gone to several dr's and the emergency room over the past 4 1/2 yrs
(since > >> the bloating episodes began, also since my hysterectomy) - and their
> >> favorite diagnosis for me was simple constipation (forget the pain I
had > >the
> >> rest of the time - concentrate on the biggest symptom and take another
wad > >> of money) and the prescription was a whole bottle of citrate of
magnesium > >> *shudder*. Horrible stuff - it doesn't help, and isn't it a bad thing
to > >> have to take laxatives all the time? I have read that if you end up
> >relying
> >> on them, then you eventually get to where you can't have an unaided
bowel > >> movement (sounds like all of us now). The only other things I get are
> >> anti-spasmodics which make me nauseous and do nothing else.
> >> Tara
> >>
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> >> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <adhesions@forum.obgyn.net>
> >> Subject: Re: high hopes gone>>> Toni, you have choices!
> >> Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 19:22:09 -0600
> >>
> >> At Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Kb1707tiamet@aol.com wrote:
> >>
> >> Hi girls, I just wrote a long post to help get through the days. I
> >> guess I just get so confused. I am trying to wait for a new gel
barrier > >> to come out, I am even sick of the pain clinic, the meds I take do not
> >> help the pain a whole lot. I was told a few months ago, they have me
at > >> the point where I am on meds to where they will not make me too tired,
> >> they cannot do no more. I will sill see them, but even they said there
> >> are so many drs that just now are realizing that adhesions cause pain.
> >>
> >> I am even between GI docs, the one I saw for years, is one of those
that > >> do not believ the adheions ARE doing something to the bowels. May not
> >> be in his eyes, but what am I feeling? He is the one who told me to
take > >> milk of magnesia twice a day and prescribed an a arthritis med that
they > >> use now to stimulate the bowels,I just don't want no more meds. I feel
> >> like senekot is moving them now, although the pain is extremely getting
> >> worse after it. Almost make the bowels inside feel sore. Some days I
> >> cannot even lean lightly on something.
> >>
> >> I know it is mind over matter, but my mind still tells me I am in pain,
> >> cannot overcome it. I know deep in my heart I will go through another
> >> surgery, but I am so scared right now. As we all know , there are no
> >> qurantees!
> >>
> >> Take care girls,
> >> Love to all
> >> Toni
> >>

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