Re: Wow! I'm not crazy!!

Fri Feb 11 21:33:15 2000

Hi, susan! I know howe yuou feel. I'm now 36 & all this started for me when I was 20. I'm at the [point where any more surgery is more of a danger than not to have it. Unless there's no other option (life threatening). Hang in there! It can be managed to a point & keeping a handle on your mental/emotional health is ALL IMPORTANT!!! Trust me, I'm there now. & it ain't pretty. Like it or not, thhere are worse things than having to live on meds & OTCs for laxatives & gas relief, etc. Don't hesitate to ask for stronger meds if that's what you want/need. They don't always make you drowsy or sleepy, especially when you build up a tolerance, which is inevitiable, unfiortunately. Keep the Faith. & , no, you are not alone!! Blessed Be & Welcome! Karla b.

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