From: Jaynie Jarvis (
Sat Feb 12 13:24:14 2000

Hellooooo! I have missed you guys. For the new people there is a few of us that are trieng P>T> for the PELVIC WALL MUSCLES. I cn't remember who else was doing it . Could you let us know how your treatment is doing. Mine is doing well , infact they want me to take only 2 MS Contin a day nw, plus tussigon (vicoden with out tylenol) That scarred me but that is another subject.I have been about 6 times now. My pelvic feels BETTER! Butttt my tailbone and bung-holie-o hurt like hell. And man don't get constipated. This mscle she is working on mostly is like a sling. And your poopoo and peepee hole go threw it. And now I'll have to finish later because a friend has stopped by. Stay tuned for PART 2 of "THE PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLE" Thanks for you patients JAYNIE

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