From: Jaynie Jarvis (
Sun Feb 13 18:35:49 2000

So sorry for the delay. Anyway really I am doing all the work. My first visit she put (or I put) this monitor in my vagina and the bio-feedback machine has a graph on it and it was up to "4". That is very tight pelvic muscles. The next visit I did kegal exercises, concentrating on the letting go part and it went down to ".6 ". Now that is quite a difference. You should not do a strong kegal , just a little one and breath from your belly and imagine blowing it out where ever you hurt . When my pelvic muscles were really relaxed I felt like I was going to urinate. P.T. says that is good. She also has me doing a lot of lower body stretches. She says I should not be sore, huh !! I could hardly move. Now I am not stetching so much just until I feel a small stretch. Also there has been some internal work just barely inside vagina. And work on my stomach, that PSOAS MUSCLE AGAIN. Twice a day I am to listen to a "GUIDED IMAGERY TAPE". It also has AFFIRMATIONS on it. Today I did control my pain by laying down and listening to the tape and 2 tylenol. And so far I have only taken 1 MS Contin. I would like to get off it first because I think it is causing me intestinal pain. I am going to give it a try. My symptoms now are it hurts after peeing and I can't sit on my butt. I think that is why I have not been on the web to much. Besides the fact that my daddy was in the hospital for a week. He is o.k. now. Today I was very angry at the pain because I woke up feeling alive and slowly it took my life away. We must not let it do that, take control of the pain do not let it control you!! And low and behold the 1st thing on the tape was about anger and how it makes your pain worse. The P.T. thinks I might have an adhesion on my bladder. When the bladder is full the adhesion is slack, then I empty it and it pulls on the adhesion. Makes since. And I think I must have one on my lower bowel by the anus. (See I do know the proper medical terms) POOPOO is funner if it is affending to anyone let me know and I will try to change. I learned those words from my P.T. we have alot af fun when I am not crying. Oh yes, when I first started I had to get percacet for added pain from P.T. Hope this was helpful and I will let you know of my progress. I don't think it will take all my pain away but maybe to where I can tolerate it and control it. This would not be for everyone some of us have to go ahead and have surgery. THANKS FOR BEING HERE, JAYNIE

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