Re: high hopes gone>>> Toni, you have choices!

From: toni welsh (
Mon Feb 14 06:47:18 2000

At Sun, 13 Feb 2000, Tara S wrote: >
>I work with a woman who is also a nurse (she works with me at the blood bank
>on weekends, hospital during the week). On her advice (because I've been
>getting worried about nothing else working), I used some enemas (3, to be
>exact, because 1 or 2 never does any good) a few hours ago. A little came
>out - not much, and it was followed by big gobs of mucus (YUCK!!!!). That is
>all I've had in the way of a bowel movement (except for the barium put into
>me last Monday) since the beginning of this month. I'm worried.
>Also, about 4 tiny (I mean TINY!!!) little spots of blood, hardly noticeable
>at all - in fact, you could only see them if you were looking really hard.

That is the same with me Tara, the mucous is disgusting. Don't you just love trying to explain all this. I too, have not really had a bowel movement for about a week now, I just cannot even go anymore without a laxative, and when I do go after a lax, it hurts me even more. I cannot even stand the pain after a laxative anymore, I have to take them tho to go, they have

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