gyn appt went well (as usaual)

From: toni welsh (
Mon Feb 14 16:51:05 2000

I went to th gyn today, and I had my annual moved up a month. When he did my pelvic, where I was so tender to even touch for a week, was alot better today! I cannot believe this.

I told him I think that hurt myself two weeks ago, by strainign so hard I caused to hurt myself, he said that he did not like that it hurt to the touch for 2 weeks. We discussed the way my father in law was, and we decided for now to hold off, I have not taken senekot for a few days, but I know tomorrow, it will hurt again.

I told the gyn next time I get like I was 2 weeks ago, I will call, and he will see me. He said that would be okay.

I am so bored now I am going to take a nap. Talk to you all tomorrow! I also told him I am very sexually inactive. I am glad my husband understands!

Still disgusted, Toni

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