Special Diets for Special Needs.......&........Distraction

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Tue Feb 15 11:35:50 2000

The following websites of low fiber diets and low residue diets are some of the diets, which I was able to find on the Internet:

1.) * Special Diets for Special Needs: Clear-liquid diet... Full-liquid diet...Soft Diet...Fiber-restricted diet...Low lactose diet


2.)Fiber-Restricted Diet


3.) * Low-Residue/ Low-Fiber Diets


4.) * Low Fiber Low Residue Diet


5.) * Ask the Mayo Dietician - Low Residue Diet

http://www.mayohealth.org/mayo/askdiet/htm/new/qd980318.htm * * * * *

Since there has been little or no discussion about diets, I decided to share what I have found. These are not the only diets, of course.

I noticed that there were quite a few diets listed for Crohn's disease as well as other special diets. All I did was I entered: "low residue diet". At the time that was all I was looking for

I am a daily reader of the adhesions forum; and I am impressed with the quality of sharing which is happening here!! There have been times when I have shared my personal experience with adhesion-related disease (ARD) on this and other forums in the past; and there may well be times when I will feel like sharing in the future.

It is not my intent to "preach"; and I sincerely hope that none of you take my forum messages that way. I know that there are people who simply read the messages posted here. I see this as an opportunity to share information with not only you but also with them. Perhaps then they will be more inclined to join in the discussion.

Without realizing it at first, I have discovered that all of the research which I have been doing on the Internet has been (and is actually considered to be) a psychological technique known as DISTRACTION. In other words, I've been keeping my brain so busy with new information - which literally helps to prevent the full impact of pain messages from reaching my brain.

It has taken many years for me to accept the MIND/BODY CONNECTION - but I am a firm believer now!

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