bowels a mess all day

From: toni welsh (
Tue Feb 15 15:18:05 2000

As I was talking this morning I had a very hard and it did not let up much. I went into the bathroom, and I had taken senekot (6) pills the night before, and I have noticed something totally new atarting , I went in to sit and thought I was ready to go, and this has happened before, I had so much pressure in the lower pelvis, and when I tried to go , it was like I had it as far as it would go to the rectum, and the pressure, trying to push got unbearable. I kept relaxing the muscles, and praying it hurt SOOO bad!

I then thought okay I will get a fleet suppository, thinking it would get this to move from the rectum, I held it till I could not hold it, and the urge to go was real bad, and I sat I was again in terrific pain, and I strained so hard it hurt my head, and my throut, finally after about 20 minutes, it broke loss. AAnd when I was able to get it past the rectum, even tho straining it all came out at once.

Then I come home and still have the soreness in the bowels, and sat again 6 hours later, and it is diarehha!''

Getting so digusted, if only my appt was today! I hurt all day!

Does anyone know what that could be from, not being able to get it out from rectum. Took over an hour of pain and severe straining! HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!


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