Re: [chronicpain] Pain does not have a Moral Value

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Tue Feb 15 17:42:52 2000

Yes but for those on high doses, the doctors favorite excuse is his license is in jeopardy. The state wants to know why he is prescribing narcotics to people in chronic pain who have a bonifide reason and who recieve disability for it and need it? Something sounds funny here. Why do the doctors always use that excuse for when they don't want you as a patient?

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> >Here's one of my favorite messages by some doctor. Don't really know
him, > >or who he is but he has the right idea. The next time your doctor says
you > >can't have the medication you need for pain, hand him this. This really
> >says it all.
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> > "Pain does not have a moral value. Drugs cannot have a moral value:
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> >they're pills. The thing that has a moral value is life. Life is good.
> >Life is a gift. Life should be cherished. Life should be promoted. life
> >should be supported. That's what we're supposed to do. We should not be
> >moralizing about whether pills are good or bad. If you are sick and can
> >use a pill to live your life, if taking pills let you live your life,
> >take care of your children and be a part of your community, then that
> >pill sustains your life and is good. If someone is a drug addict and
> >they can't deal with their lives, they take a pill to escape their
> >lives, because they can't face the problems they have to deal with, and
> >now because of that same pill they are not living, they are abusing the
> >drug: that pill is bad. The pill is not good or bad, it's how it relates
> >to life."
> > Dan Brookoff, MD, Internal Medicine and
> >Medical
> > Oncology, Memphis TN
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