Re: Fentanyl - Toni

From: toni welsh (
Fri Feb 18 10:56:24 2000

At Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Tina Shelby wrote: >
>Is a stong opiod pain medication. Is is usually one of the drugs used in
>surgery as part of the anesthesia. It is usually used when some of the
>opiods (like oxycontin) aren't helping (because fentanyl is highly
>addictive). In patch form, it can be worn for 72 hours. The patch comes in
>several strengths ranging from 25-100micograms/hr. Some side effects include
>high/low blood pressure, GI upset, dry mouth, headache, and, difficulty with
>It sounds like you are having a terrible time right now. It is my prayer
>that things will get better for you soon

Thanks Tina, Yes, today is one of those days I say I am ready for the surgery, but as of right now I have failed as far as stopping smoking, I will not go under smoking the way I am now. But with all the stress in my life I cannot fight it, and things with my father in law are not getting any better. Trying to hold my husband up, and it gets to be too much! And with the bowels, I now have been three days , I will wait it out til Monday, but then it will be a week, but the pain is getting so bad with the senekot, and the struggle to go even with it is getting worse. I told my husband I will wait til he is home, I do not think I can go through that pain again alone. Monday was AWFULL!

Now afraid to take anything. I hope you are feeling better soon, and How long have you been on the patch, sounds awful strong, but is it helping you? My pain clinic seems like they are going to do no more for me, I talk to a different dr every month, and then my regular comes in to verify what we decide to do. He mentioned the nerve block, but my reg. dr didn't. I get more confused everytime I go there!

Take care!

Wish we could all find the relief we need! Toni

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