Re: home business

Sat Feb 19 20:43:55 2000

Tina: Sorry too be getting back to you so late but I was in the hospital for a week with a nervous breakdown, high anxiety & severe depression. I'm taking new meds now & so far they seem to be helping, I don't need quite as much pain meds as before. I still need them (understatement) but at least they should last me longer now.

My profession before during & after my bout w/adhesions was a secretary/receptionist. I know how to run just about any machine normally in an office. I also have all of these at home. The only thing I don't have is a transcription machine. I've been thinking medical transcriptionist. And, yes, I do live in a college town. I've already tried advertising around re thesis papers, cheap invitations, etc. At present I keep busy typing for a church on the weekends, I do their bulletin & any other correspondence they need done.

Thanks for answering me. Karla B.

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