Re: Antidepressants

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Sun Feb 20 15:49:46 2000

I couldn't actually tell you which ones they used, but I know of a number of people who have been prescribed anti-depressants strictly for pain. As far as pamelor, I was on it 10 years ago now, for about 5 months for severe depression, and I had few side effects. It definitely worked for me as far as the depression went and helped me get through until I got out of a difficult situation. And my brain definitely did not feel mummified, but I was using it for a different reason. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Sue Ann

>Thanks for getting back to me. The Anti-depressant she prescribed is
>Pamelor. It says right on the CVS pamphlet that it is sometimes used to
>block nerve pain. You said you felt like your brain was "mummified in a
>cotten ball"- this is exactly why I haven't started taking it yet. I
>got the prescripton Friday, but I'm too afraid to start taking it.
>I am a first grade teacher- I can't be a walking zombie!
>I don't know what to do...
>At Sun, 20 Feb 2000, Karen Kaplan wrote:
>>Which anti-depressant?
>>Not a doctor, but never heard of an antidepressant to block nerve pain.
>>Once, when I was being harrassed by both a subordinate AND my boss, my
>>doctor suggested I take 2 Prozacs a day to "mute the emotions". It did,
but >>I felt like my brain was mummified in a cotton ball, so I took up boxing
>>instead - to release the "emotions" physically..
>>If you are not depressed, I just don't see why you should change your
brain >>chemistry, too.
>>It's not like this is an exact science.

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>>> My pain dr. wants me to start taking an antidepressant to block nerve
>>> pain (along with the million other things I take). Has anyone tried
>>> this? Has it worked at all?

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