Re: chest pain

From: Tara S (
Mon Feb 21 10:34:43 2000

I hope it's nothing serious!

To tell the truth, I do kind of wonder if they were right about my diagnosis when you consider the fact that the arrived at that conclusion more by elimination than by anything else. X-rays were done, showing that the heart looked okay, but they said that with me being so young, it was "PROBABLY" the inflammation.

Maybe it's just me, but is "probably" part of an official diagnosis? The dr I ended up going to for the follow-up was no help at all! She did nothing (this was the dr that told me that chronic pelvic pain was usually the result of having had more than one sexual partner!!).

Where do I find them?


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Tara S wrote: >
> This made me wonder about something. I had a problem January of last year
> ceoncerning an inflammation of the peritoneum. It was frightenting, and
made > me think I may have been having heart problems. They even called an
> ambulance to my workplace.
> Any possibility of it being related to the adhesion problem (anyone??)
> Tara

HI Tara, I've been to er twice in one week with chest pain, going to see heart doc tomorrow. I hope it's not adhesions. Er doc said I'm not having a heart attack. It's realy strange.Alice L. Sand Springs. OK > ----Original Message Follows----
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