Re: dr's appt tomorrow - finally!

From: Tara S (
Mon Feb 21 11:00:06 2000

Thank you so much.I feel sorry for anyone that gets stuck around me for any length of time because they all get to hear about it. I've given alot of people the url for so they can learn more about it all.

I just got back from the dr a little while ago. We have found out exactly what's wrong, and yes, I will have to have a fairly major operation. First he has to go in through my vagina and fix the wall between it and the rectum because the stupid rectum won't stay where it belongs (rectocele). It goes so far forward that nothing can get out. Also, a loop of small intestine has worked its way down into the area between the rectum and the vagina, pushing them apart just above that weak wall and it's flattening the rectum so that, again, nothing can get out (similar to intussusception, but not quite. I forgot the name.). Basically, gravity is my biggest problem right now. That's why it's gotten so much worse. If I could stay on my head 24 hrs a day, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. LOL

See, I can still joke ( a little). I also am running all over town today to try to chase down all the X-rays and other tests that were done last May so I won't have to do them all over again. The dr needs to see if I also have a partial bowel obstruction going on (ah, the more, the merrier!)

Yech! My entire body have become a supreme source of distaste to me.

Okay, that's pretty much it. Luckily, I've been working quite a bit - even on light duty - 44 hrs last week. Not too shabby for someone who's falling apart (literally, in at least one spot).


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Tara, Best of luck at the doctor. I, too, have been waiting to get in to the doctor and hate the waiting. Hope you get something that helps the pain and let us know how it goes. You are so tough to have all this and be working so many hours. Good luck, Ginni

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