Re: Can estrogen cause pain?

From: Peggy (
Tue Feb 22 13:35:04 2000

At Tue, 22 Feb 2000, Jaynie Jarvis wrote: >
>At Tue, 22 Feb 2000, Peggy wrote:Sorry Jaynie about the abbreviations I will go through the post and tell you what they are!Then scroll down to the end of your message.
>>At Sat, 19 Feb 2000, Jaynie Jarvis wrote:
>>>Well, I was doing so good that I was making all sorts of plans to live
>>>life to the fullest. Like a dog off a leash. Then Dr. Levy put me on
>>>.0025 of estrogen. And a vaginal cream. After a week I was in raging
>>>pain. I felt like I was bleeding inside. Could not get out of pain. So
>>>I took off the patch and quit using the cream. The pain has gotten
>>>better but I am in alot of pain still. I told her it would do that and
>>>she scoffed at me like I did not know my own body. I went to my regular
>>>doc and she was so nice and sympathetic. She told me that I am doing
>>>quit well. And she gave me some percacet for pain. I called Levy and
>>>just to tell her and she gaveme Flexerall. A muscle relaxer !! She
>>>still believes it is my tight pelvic muscle and not the estrogen because
>>>it is such a small dose. Well my pelvic muscle is not tight anymore.
>>>And if it does get tight I know how to relax it. Has anyone else had
>>>this reaction? Helen told me to go to the Endo. forum a long time ago I
>>>think I best go there and ask those girls this question. Now my pain is
>>>mostly in my groin areas and on the Left side.(which is swollen in the
>>>groin) What's up with this? Thanks for listening, Jaynie
>>Hi Jaynie,
>>I just went through just about the same as you.I had a hysterectomy 4/98
>>with LSO(Left salphino oopherectomy- left ovary removed) for LLQ(Lower left quadrant) pain.Since I have had a laporoscopy 10/98,4/99 and
>>11/99 all for LLQ pain the first 2 laps.the Dr. found severe
>>adhesions.With this last surgery the Dr. found endometriosis and did a
>>RSO(Right salphino oopherectomy).He was going to keep me off of replacement estrogen for 3 months but
>>due to severe migraines he started me on premarin.I was taking the
>>premarin for 3 weeks and the pain in the LLQ increased immensly(sp) I
>>also started having terrible diarrhea (I have endo on the bowel)so my
>>gyn told me to stop the estrogen .The diarrhea has gotten a little
>>better but the pain is still there although I do think it is a little
>>less intense than it was with taking the premarin.Hope this answers your
>>question about the estrogen."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" Peggy
>THANKS Peggy!!So you stopped taking estrogen? I put my patch of estrogen
>back on to do an experiment. Haven't done anything in a week except nap
>alot. I am still in more pain then I was. I was cutting down on my MS
>Contin but now I had to ask for stronger drugs. I see the P.T. on WED.
>so I'll ask her if she thinks maybe she broke up an adhesion. That
>would be cool. I know it hurt like hell when she was going deep on my
>left side. I did have endo on my left side in that cul-de-sac last
>surgery. My husband wants me to talk to her about getting another (#4)
>surgery. She must be good bcause she is in Dr. Riech's group. Or
>should I not assume that? I just want to have a handle on it by summer.
>I don't want to be left home again. Last summer I took a small trip on
>a train and had to come home early because of pain. You all know what
>it is like to be left home. And try to convince everyone and your self
>you didn't want to go anyway ! Off the subject a bit there. Then You
>hear about the dangers of having another surgery, like cutting the bowel
>or bladder and that makes you think twice. I will get back on track
>after seeing the P.T. she is good for my head and spirit. Seeing my
>pain doctor Friday and want to ask for stronger drugs when DR. Levy
>wants me to cut down on the drugs ! I wake up every morning in with
>drawels. Achey legs, feet, and body. You used some abreviations that I
>did not understand. Could you spell them out please. Thanks for
>replying Jaynie

Right now my pain mangement Dr. does not have me on anything.I too have an appointment on Friday and if he is not going to at least try some type of pain mangement with me then I will have to make a decision about looking for someone new. I have called on him 3 times for help and it is always "Wait to see what your gyn says the next time you see him" I have had enough and need help with dealing with this.And because of being menopausal I am having a lot of migraines.I just spoke with my Primary care Dr.yesterday and he started me on a Beta-Blocker to help prevent the migraines so I will see how this works.If only this would help with night sweats LOL!One thing at a time I guess.Gotta Go now."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" Peggy

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