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Wed Feb 23 03:03:47 2000

RE: EpidurualsI would like to say that if you have an epidural and it is marcaine infusion then you cannot walk but if it is a morphine infusion you can walk and do most things.They say that the morphine infusion is better than taking it orally as it works more effectively and constant.They also say that you can get by with smaller doses.Thi is what they weill be doing to me with my next bowel blockage. Robyne.

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LouAnn, are you able to walk after they release you from the hospital? Talk with your doctor for me as I am on a pump that admits morphine on a 24/hr. basis and would love to get off of it if there is another way. This sounds pretty good! My only fear is that it will turn out to be like the surgery I had where a neurologist severed nerves in my spine (in order to control pain) but it was not successful. It will be very interesting to hear more!!!

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Hello Everyone ! I went to see my pain management dr. this week. He wants me to think about a new procedure that they are working on for pain management. This is a long way off but he still wanted me to think about it. He said that a few of his colleagues have been using a epidurual for pain management when pain pills aren't helping to maintain the pain. I am currently taking Methadone for pain. He said that they admir you into the hospital administer a epidurual, they put the needle a little further under the skin. They give you enough of the medication to numb the nerve sensors<??> then make sure you are able to void. After that they release you form the hospital. He said they have only performed the procedure a few times so it is not set in stone. He said the biggest problem would be to get my health insurance to cover it. Let me know what you think.

Thanks LouAnn

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