Re: malpractice

Wed Feb 23 17:01:57 2000

Hear! Hear! Karen. If you go to the NY Times, let me know. I'd love to put in my 2 cents worth!! I live in upstate NY (near Albany) & am also very disgusted on how drs treat (or don't treat) ARD as anything more serious than indigestion. On al of my SSI denial papers not once do they mention adhesions even tho I had. They mentioned "abdominal discomfotr". Discomfort?!? Yeah, like a knife...I always explain it "like little men w/diamond head jackhammers trying to dig their way out." Seems apt to me. I think I rather be stabbed, at least that way I'd know when I'm gonna hurt like hell (escuse my language, my dander's up!) ANyway, I will supporyt you in any way I can. I think it's high time we made them do something about ARD sufferers & the pain they're told to live with (ha,ha! Live, yeah right...) There are so many of us out here suffering at the whim of some politician, dr., etc. & IT MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

Okay, off my soapbox now. Karla B.

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