Re: What does it take to get adhesion-related disease (ARD)

Wed Feb 23 17:21:15 2000

I wish I knew, Helen, but I think it's HIGH TIME somone was made to see this problem for what it truly is. A very debiolitating & painful disease that strikes at any given moment. ARD does not care if you're walking down the street...or down the stairs...or at work tring to eek out a living as a productive human being. The pain just comes, like a shot in the dark, & brings you to your jknees. HARD!!! I ebginning to realize I have to get agressive w/the people who are "in charge of my health & health care". Doing it will be like pulling teeth, but do it I must! Who wants to work around someone who has gas attacks she can';t run away from fast enough. Who can;t wear just any clothing cuz it hurts to have anything touching your mid-seciton, God, the list just goes on & on.

Maybe we need tobe more forceful about our adhesions, get a petition together & bug them til they can't stand to hear from us anymore.

Frustrated in NY,

Karla B..

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