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From: Tara S (
Thu Feb 24 01:17:12 2000

I've been telling everyone I see all about ARD - and for those with access to the Internet, I've been sending them to Just trying to get the message out there, because I've discovered most people have never heard of adhesions at all. I know I never had until i found out I had them! And so does Grandma - and she never mentioned it until I told her about mine! That does explain her 19+ operations!


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I wish I knew, Helen, but I think it's HIGH TIME somone was made to see this problem for what it truly is. A very debiolitating & painful disease that strikes at any given moment. ARD does not care if you're walking down the street...or down the stairs...or at work tring to eek out a living as a productive human being. The pain just comes, like a shot in the dark, & brings you to your jknees. HARD!!! I ebginning to realize I have to get agressive w/the people who are "in charge of my health & health care". Doing it will be like pulling teeth, but do it I must! Who wants to work around someone who has gas attacks she can';t run away from fast enough. Who can;t wear just any clothing cuz it hurts to have anything touching your mid-seciton, God, the list just goes on & on.

Maybe we need tobe more forceful about our adhesions, get a petition together & bug them til they can't stand to hear from us anymore.

Frustrated in NY,

Karla B..

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