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From: Jaynie Jarvis (
Thu Feb 24 17:03:55 2000

At Thu, 24 Feb 2000, Peggy wrote: >
>At Wed, 23 Feb 2000, Karen Kaplan wrote:
>>Hi Karen,
>I agree with Karla about the premarin! I was diagnosed with
>endometriosis this past November with the last laporoscopy I had, My gyn
>took out the remaining ovary at this time also.He was going to withhold
>all estrogen replacement due to the endo but because I was having such a
>rough time with migraines and sleeplessness he started me on
>premarin.THe pain in the lower left quadrant increased within 1 week
>,after 2 weeks I called my Gyn and told him and he had me stop taking
>it. Although I still have quite a bit of pain it is not nearly as bad
>as when I was taking the premerin."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" Peggy
>>Karla B:
>>Where did you hear that Premarin makes endometriosis worse? Why doesn't
>>vegetable estrogen like soy act the same?
>> I am still confused as to whether you can still have endometriosis after
>>natural menopause.
>>And, for those of you who live near a Trader Joe's (West Coast, Northeast,
>>now in the D.C. area -,
>>they have a really good chocolate soy drink at $1.49/litre. It's helping
>>me get 6 hours of sleep/night for the first time in almost 5 years.
>>Menopause as an alternative lifestyle....Brookstone has a really handy
>>hand-held fan, and it's really hard to find 100% cotton slips...

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>>> Jessica: If you're thinking re having both ovaries out, what about having
>>> hysterectomy? I couldn't do anything when I had my period. It just made
>>> everything 100 times worse. I'm 36, w/no children living, have had a full
>>> hysterectomy & don't miss my period at all...& no, you don't grow facial
>>> hairs or lose your feminimity or your sexuality (although it doen';t make
>>> any less painful). It's been almost 6 years now. I take Ricola WOmen's
>>> Health formula w/Soy, Calcium & Black Cohosh (for well-being) as
>>> hormones (new herbal line in tablet form). Drugs like premarin, if you
>>> endomitriosis, can make that condition worse. It was out of the question
>>> me, the endomitriosis is inside my adhesions. I aso drink Soy as a milk
>>> substitute & it's not that bad. I'm used to it. They also have a
>>> soy drink called 'Silk' by white Wave. VERY delicious!! Just a thought..
>>> figure, while they're in there have it all done. They took me piece by
>>> & I'd like to kick them all in the you know ehere! Blessed Be. Karla B.

I am so glad I brought this up about the endo. and hormones causing increased pain. As I said my doctor kinda scouffed at me when I told her. She says "It is such a small dose that it wouldn't hurt me." HUH !!!! I have started an experiment to see if it dose alone cause pain or only when I use the vaginal cream with it. And It dose cause pain and there is no way I am going to use that cream. When it is finally time to try sex I will get alot of ASTRO GLIDE. Isn't that a funny name for a lubricate ,I cracked up when she gave it to me. Even the soy based hormones cause me pain. So no hormones for us. I have a lot of natural supplements I have bought and use for awhile one of them sounds like it might work. Then we must take calcium and magniseum for our bones. I just paid this gal $125.00 to tell me what I need. The results were that all my systems are depleted. The good news is it is only physical not spiritual. I am going to make it through this and ride my Motor cycle to Sturgis, SD in AUGUST for the big motercycle Ralley THE MORE I LEARN FROM THIS VERY ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CARE PROVIDER I WILL SHARE LATTER. I am going to copy your messages and put them in the docs face. Sure glad you guys and gals are here. thanks Jaynie

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