considering surgery

From: kay (
Fri Feb 25 08:30:21 2000

Well, I have read several of the messages posted. I realize there are others like me. It seems that only OB-GYNs believe that adhesions cause pain. So I am considering seeing another OB-GYN for a second opinion. I say this because I am having a bad day with cramping and PAIN! The IBS meds that I have tried over that past 2 years do nothing to help.( I think I have tried them all). My gastroenterologist does believe that adhesions are the cause of my pain but tells me I have to learn to live with it. Well I am tired of it. We discussed the use of a low residue diet but because I carry the gene for colon cancer and I have had polyps in the past(cancer kind), she doesn't recommend the low residue diet. So I feel that I am in a corner now.

Please help, Kay (

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