scrambled eggs in NY

From: Karen Kaplan (
Fri Feb 25 22:31:59 2000

Hello all: I talked with Kathy's friend Charlotte at 9:30 this moring. She took a long time coming out of the anesthesia and they didn't leave Columbia/Presbyterian until 4:30 a.m. Kathy's surgery time had been postponed to 1 p.m. due to emergency tubal pregancy case. The operation was about 4-1/2 hours. Dr. Reich said the Goretex peeled off and rolled up into a ball and is all gone and that everything else went very well. So, Charlotte and Kathy got some sleep and then had breakfast - Kathy had scrambled eggs, but they slept all day & I will visit them tomorrow afternoon - I used to live 2 miles north of their hotel on Central Park West.

Sorry I didn't get this out to you from work this morning.

Karen p.s. for those of you who don't know this: In New York, Dr. Reich operates from the Sloan Hospital for Women, which is part of the Columbia (University)/Presbyterian medical center in northern Manhattan. Sloan was the first U.S. hospital for women, founded in the 1840's, and still the best in Manhattan.

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