Re: chest pain

Sat Feb 26 22:30:45 2000

Tara & Alice: I thought I was going to have a heart attack last Sat (2/12) went to ER & was committed having a nervous breakdown! It was an anxiety attack! God, it was awful. I am now on meds (1500 mg. Depakote/day) for the anxiety & they help me sleep; & for depression (40mg. Celexa) which keep me from spirally in despair. Now if I could only get something to help with the pain in my gut. One other thing, I'm also on Prevacid (30 mg.) for ulcer, hiatal hernia & GERD. The Prevacid & Depakote have diarrhea as a side effect. Believe it or not I was actually having a BM like a normal person for a whole week!!! Just had to share that one w/everyone. Karla B.

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