pregnant mare's urine? Hot dog!

From: Karen Kaplan (
Sun Feb 27 05:37:32 2000

Karla B - just teasing, but I guess you don't know what's in hot dogs or bologna. And you sure don't want to know things like that food companies specify roach parts per kilo for something like fig paste....... (the crunch in a fig bar has something to do with lady wasp eggs.) One reason kosher and halal products are popular - they really are made to higher sanitary standards. Bon appetit. Karen

It's the way they breed the mare's to harvest the urine that is so troubling. There are many vegetable sources of estrogen - soy and yams inparticular

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> Good God, Helen! A pregnant mare's urine!?! If I was still taking
Premarin, > I woeuldn't be after this. Yuck! Karla B.

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