Re: What are symptoms of abdominal adhesions?

From: alanbaleyko (
Sun Feb 27 09:30:07 2000

Hi Kay! No you are not crazy. I too have problems when my bladder is full and a full host of sensations throughout my abdominal area! These include: pain in lower left abdomen that is pretty much constant and flares at times, burning and pulling from my belly button down to my left hip, lower back pain, bloating, a feeling of trapped gas and other things too numerous and minor to remember right now. I asked my gastro interologist if I was crazy, a hypocrodriact (sp) or what. He said adhesions cause a whole array of symptoms and depending on a variety of factors each day can cause different symptoms. Good luck and God bless. Jessica

Helen Dynda wrote:

> Welcome to the International Adhesions Society Message Board, Kay! No,
> Kay, you are not alone!!
> I have just read your adhesions' story at the ADHESIONS QUILT (at the
> top of this webpage). At the ADHESIONS QUILT you have given a much more
> detailed account of the symptoms you are having.
> I hope that others will read your story at the ADHESION QUILT in order
> to get a much more detailed account of the symptoms you are having as a
> result of adhesions. While you are there, also read about the
> adhesions' experience of other women.
> This an open invitation for others to also share their adhesions'
> experience at the ADHESIONS QUILT. No, Kay, you are not alone!!
> ``````````````````````````````
> At Fri, 25 Feb 2000, kay wrote:
> I have been suffering with these symptoms for about 3-4 years. Symptoms
> are CRAMPING!!!, tenderness in the abdominal area mostly on the right
> side, pressure on my bladder which becomes painful when full, and low
> back ache. I have the feeling that everything is going to fall out
> sometimes. Am I crazy? I really want relief! At least if others are
> experiencing similar symptoms I won't feel alone.
> Please help, Kay (

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