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From: toni welsh (
Sun Feb 27 16:16:16 2000

At Sun, 27 Feb 2000, Paula Healey wrote: >Mary,
>Did your surgeon use any sort of an adhesion blocker such as Interceed or
>Hope you recover soon.
>Mary said at “ahhesions”.
>[02/27/2000 09:29]
>> TuesdayFeb 22nd I had a laparoscapy done do to ultrasound finding of a
>> left ovary mass. Well come to find out there was no mass. When the
>> surgeon went to blow my belly up my bowel went with it. My bowel was
>> attached to the abdominal wall and my left ovary and also my bladder. My
>> ovarys where also attached to the abdonminal wall with adhesions. He
>> said on my release form that there was a moderate amount of adhesions
>> and a small amount of endometriosis. I have not talked with the Doctor


I have had alot of trouble with the adhesions stuck to my abdominal wall, in april when the gyn went to do a lap, he had asked me if I wanted to try to save my last ovary, he did a hyterectomy 5 years ago and left the right ovary, Back then he was just going to take the uterus, and when he got in he tried to free and wrap left ovary too, and he said it would not stop bleeding, it was bound up with adhesions, I am glad he did then keep my right one.

Last year he had to convert to laparotomy, due to the ovary could not be found, the bowel had pulled all the way to the right side, and had pushed my ovary down onto the muscle in my legs, that was why I could not walk. He then told my husband he was going to remove it so I did not have to have anymore surgery. I was in the hospital for 4 days, and when I came home the pain was back in 2 WEEKS! He did use INterceed then, but I went in for another lap in august, and the transverse colon had fallen to the pelvic floor so they rescheduled anothe laparotomy, and that was done in Sept, 98. I was wondering how old you are and i had to read so fast, I could not remember if you said they removed your ovaries. All I know is the drs told me the would operate again, but the chances are just to high for me, to get more scar tissue, my bowels are a mess as it is, and I do not want them to get worse. Someday I will probaly have surgery, when the way of life really gets to me, sometimes now I cannot stand it! Sorry so long, I have just kept myself busy, and have not been here!

Toni >> as I do not go to see him till the middle of March. My question is will
>> the adhesions return? Is there anything I should do to try and prevent
>> them from returning? Thanks in advance
>> Mary

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