adhesions pain symptoms

From: kay (
Sun Feb 27 17:54:40 2000

I am new to the forum and thanks to Helen who sent me a ton of info on adhesions. I know that I am not crazy. I asked a couple of days ago for someone to describe their pain. And a couple of people did. Thank you so much for sharing. I have the feeling of bloating, aching in the lower abdomen, low back ache, and a sensation that my bowels are irritated as if acid has been put on them(no, this is not stomach acid from indigestion), pressure on my bladder (especially when full the discomfort is bad), and the sensation that I need to go to the bathroom, also I have cramping and tenderness on the right lower abdomen( this area is always tender some days worse than others). So this is what I feel and some days I can tolerate it and most days I can't. So my next step is to another doctor or a pain clinic. Do patients have to be referred to pain clincs? And would anyone else like to share their symtoms of pain?

I and I think there are others reading this who have not come forward thank you, Kay

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