Re: It's been a long time.....Someone from Schenectady!

From: Denise Olson (
Sun Feb 27 18:59:14 2000

Karla, I graduated in 1977, 23yrs. ago. And yes we were rivals back then! :) My dad even went to Mont Pleasant. Currently my mom works there part-time. Small world!! I really get homesick sometimes, especially at Christmas. I stayed in Schenectady about one year after graduation. I was a nurse at Ellis, then I joined the Marine Corps and never went back home to live. I will pray for your speedy recovery from your hospital stay. Denise in Seattle wrote:

> Hi Denise! I attended what was Mont Pleasant High in Schenectady. We would
> have been "rivals" at school! It makes me laugh to think about it. I
> graduatged 20 years ago. How about you?
> Hi to everyone else! Tara, Toni, Helen, Beverly, Karla N. I've missed you
> all as I spent a week in the hospital (not adhesion related). No computer
> access, no was killing me! But now that I'm back, I'm realy
> sorry to hear re Karla N.'s latest setback. Let God handle it. Put it right
> in the SFJTD (something for Jesus to do) box.
> Gotta go, my kitties need me!
> Blessed Be. Karla B.

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