Re: estrogen & endo

From: toni welsh (
Mon Feb 28 15:19:40 2000

At Mon, 28 Feb 2000, wrote: >
>Jessica: I'm not feeling too bad this week. I've not been having the
>depression or anxiety like I was, so my head's o.k. Of course the rest of me
>is about the same: pain comes, pain recedes (a little). Not bad, all in all,
>though. Thanx for asking! Karla B.

Hello Karla,

I am glad you are okay today, I had to take a lacative last night after 4 days agian, so today I am having lot ,ore pain, I every now and then think about having the surgery, but the smoking has to stop first. I am having some pain and weird feelings in my chest, I had a EKG a few weeks ago and it was fine. I hope the adhesions have not spread anywhere else but the pelvic area, last night I was tender to touch above the navel, and it usaully does not go up that high! Scares me alittle!


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