Chronic Pain...Pain Management...Depression....websites are correct!

From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Feb 29 00:11:18 2000

* All websites are now correct!

1.)* Chronic Pelvic Pain

2.)* Medical Help for Chronic Pain

3.)* Chronic Pelvic Pain - excellent!

4.)* Pain Lessons - scroll down to a table listing the differences between Acute Pain and Chronic Pain

5.)* The Management of Pain

6.)* Keys for Managing Daily Stress

7.)* Mind Over Matter: The Brain's Response to Opiates

8.)* Enhancing motivation to change for people with chronic pain

9.)* The 5 Stages of grieving that affect chronic pain sufferers

10.)* Several reasons to seek out a pain management center

11.)* Chronic Pelvic Pain

12.)* Choose a Positive Response and Choose Health

13.)* Chronic Pelvic Pain: Which Approach? (Surgical versus Medical)- click: Articles

14.)* Chronic Pain Management: for spinal cord injuries (SCI) -- excellent information also for chronic pelvic pain!

15.)* Self Help Advice for Depressed Patients: What My Family Can Do.

16.)* Chronic Pelvic Pain Diagnosis and Management - excellent!

17.)* Chronic Pelvic Pain? What is the Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic?

18.)* Depression: Introduction & Symptoms - Causes & Treatment - Recommended Web Sites. NOTE: You will have to type this website onto the Address line of your computer.,291.asp

19.)* Chronic Pain: Introduction & Symptoms - Causes & Treatment - Illustration. NOTE: You will have to type this website onto the Address line of your computer.,440.asp

20.)* Pain Clinics: Do you need to find a pain specialist or pain clinic in your area? Pain clinics from both the United States and foreign countries are listed.

21.)* Pain Net: Public Information

22.)* How to Relieve Pain Without Medicine

23.)* American Society for Pain Relief, Research and Education

24.)* ASPRRE - Centers for Excellence for Pain Management - Pain clinics are listed by state.

25.)* What is new in pain management

26.)* Major depression

27.)* Pain control without drugs

28.)* Chronic Pain Awareness Week (November 9 -15, 1997) at Vancouver, Canada

29.)* Relaxation Techniques for chronic pain

30.)* The Six S's of Managing Chronic Pain - excellent information

31.)* Florida Pain Management Guidelines - brings new hope to Chronic Pain Patients

32.)* The Conquering Pain Act of 1999

33.)* The Proposed Federal Chronic Pain Act

34.)* The Pain Relief Promotion Act of 1999

35,)* We the People in Pain - Asking Congress to Stop the Suffering

36.)* Pelvic Pain

37.)* The BODY-MIND CONNECTION: A Massage Therapy Article

38.)* Examples of Massage and Bodywork Techniques

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