Re: Need advice (bowel problems)

From: karen kaplan (
Tue Feb 29 14:20:07 2000

Hi Chris: I just had the same thing happen and my PCP's advice was to monitor symptoms as it may have been a partial small bowel obstruction. He said to make sure I didn't get constipated - to use stool softeners and prune juice or prunes (8-10) - guess the key is to "keep it moving". If your surgery ended with bleeding, that would make the adhesions worse (I also had my hyst end with "unspecified oozing of blood" on the lower left)

The key reason for my recent consultation with Dr. Reich in New York was to see what I could do with surgery to PREVENT a bowel obstruction to avoid emergency surgery with just anyone. So far, I have not yet got his assessment since the bowel is tricky. Some club, eh? Where do you live? Karen >Hello Everyone, I went to the doctor yesterday and was wondering if
>anyone can give me some advice. I went to the doctor for pain on my
>left sided pain and it was causing me alot of pain, and I was bloated
>really bad. She told me that there was only 2 things in that area and
>that was adhesions and bowel and both are the reason for the pain and
>that the pain is from the bowel being stuck because they could not
>remove them all during the last surgery because it was to dangerous and
>bleeding. She also said that I have a high chance for bowel
>obstruction. I was wondering if there is anyything I can do to lower my
>chances? Thanks for any advice.

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